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Building Infrastructure Technology Solutions is the core of our business.  Our Technology Infrastructure Solutions Build Team brings comprehensive knowledge and experience to your project helping you meet the challenges of integrating Technology Infrastructure Solutions into your construction delivery processes. We understand that it takes a collaborative effort to ensure that projects are completed safely, accurately, on-schedule and on-budge by working closely with all involved stakeholders. Our in-house RCDD acts as the single point of contact for all key stakeholders involved in delivering the project.  From our initial contact through the implementation of your project, we keep you informed and involved as often and as much as you desire through every step of the process.

CableLAN Technologies'' 5-Step Build Approach

ur 5-Step Buil Approach is a set of project build rules and guidelines that we have developed encompassing industry best practices.  We use our approach to develop the means and methods that we will employ in the in the implementation of your infrastructure technology solution in accordance with the specifications and performance requirements givn in your contract documents. 

Our 5-Step Build Approach is the foundation on which we build your infrastructure technology solution.  It consists of:



CableLAN Technologies’ Build Team works with our in-house Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Department (CADD) to provide a complete up-to-date Submittal Package and Close-Out Documentation in DWG or PDF formats in electronic and hardcopy formats including:

·         Customer Approved Acceptance Documentation

·         Update Build-to Drawings (As-builts) *

·         Cable Schedule Identifying: Cable Type, Identifier (Labels), and Location

·         Infrastructure Test Results Documentation

·         Warranty Information

* Note: Preparation of As-built drawings from customer supplied CAD files.

TIS Build Team Capabilities:

·         Voice, Data, and Video Networks

·         In-building CATV Cabling

·         Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV)

·         Local Area Networks

·         Paging Systems

·         Wireless Networks

·         Technology Infrastructure Build

·         Inside Plant Fiber Optic Infrastructure Build

·         Technology Infrastructure Pathway and Spaces Build

·         Technology Infrastructure Integration into the Construction Process

·         Submittal Package and Close-Out Documentation Submission

·         Project Supervision

·         Project Safety

·         Technology Infrastructure Quality Assurance and Quality Control

1.     Assess — What you want done

2.     Plan — How to and when to build it

3.     Manage — Schedule Quality, and Safety

4.     Build — Implementation of your solution

5.     Close — Close-out Documentation Submission

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