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If it’s your network, it’s MISSION CRITICAL. We know how important your network is to the bottom line. In this highly competitive “always on, always available” businesses world, your organization relies heavily on its voice, data, and video networks to help them increase productivity, streamline business operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and remain competitive.


CableLAN Technologies takes the “headache” out of managing your organization’s network infrastructure by providing cost-effective physical layer support services for recurring Technology Infrastructure needs long after the initial build project is completed.

CableLAN Technologies’ Support Department offers in-house Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) services and a range of Pre-Build, Implementation, and Post-Build support production services including:

·         Construction Documents

·         Design/Build Documents

·         Horizontal Outlet

·         As-Built Documentation

·         Vertical Distribution Drawings

·         Equipment Room/MC/TR Layout

·         Pathway Layout

·         Technical Specifications

·         References to Industry Standards

·         As-Built Drawings

·         Submittal Documentation


Our Maintenance department can complement in-house resources by providing professional support services to assist with on-going maintenance, as well as, any post installation Moves, Adds, or Changes (MAC) to the technology infrastructures freeing up your IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities. We have experience working around occupied offices and facilities minimizing the impact of any MAC service work.


CableLAN Technologies’ Maintenance Team offers a range of maintenance services including:

·         Moves, Adds, and Changes

·         Break/Fix (Repair)

·         Installations

·         De-Installations

·         Rip and Install





Contact Us for solutions to your Technology Infrastructure challenges!

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